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Welcome to Business Services from The Biz Guru

Biz Guru provides Business Planning and Marketing Services for businesses seeking to establish, differentiate or improve themselves within a crowded and rapidly changing environment. We will:

Plan for your Success with Biz Guru

imageIf you have the ideas and the entrepreneurial skills and are seeking a loan to get your business up and running. We will listen to you and translate your thoughts and hopes into a great business plan. We will work alongside you, planning and suggesting new ways at looking at a potential problem turning them into an advantage. We’ll help you define your business in a way that is appealing to potential investors – answering all the typical questions that they ask of a new business.

Every Great Idea has a market –

Let us help you find it!

From a new to a developing business we know that you are seeking to make a difference, make a profit and make a new life for yourself!

We know that when you have a new business that your budget is low, but this is just the time that you need the most marketing to find your customers.  We can help you market your company, from providing you with a marketing strategy to undertaking cost effective marketing on the internet or in the “real” world.

Biz Guru’s CEO has over 25 years consultancy experience.  Our team of business writers, marketers and sales staff, come from a range of business backgrounds. We pride ourselves on our individual attentive service using tried and tested methods which have been perfected over many years management consultancy with companies or all sizes.

All of our services and advice are clearly and tactfully provided and we always work very closely with you, so that your business planning or marketing always reflects your business and how you wish to manage it.

The Biz Guru for Business Plans

With Success Written All Over Them