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The Biz Guru


Lee Lister is – “The Biz Guru” and is a Management Consultant and Program Manager with more than 30 years management and consultancy experience.

British born, she has worked in a considerable number of countries within Asia and Europe as well as Australia and the United States helping company restructure or become more efficient.

A serial entrepreneur herself, she has helped many people set up their own business or market them more efficiently.

She writes for many web sites under the brand of The Biz Guru. Her company Biz Guru Services regularly publishes training courses and marketing products.

She works mainly via the internet, visiting clients on site during major consultancies and training. Her Internet skills began when major companies first started to consider obtaining their own web sites. During these years, she has kept up to date with the rapid changes on the internet, including the dot com boom and the resulting bust – which her own web based companies survived.

She regularly consults, writes and lectures on business, bid management and marketing and has published numerous courses and books.

Many of her articles can be found on the internet by searching for “Lee Lister” or “Biz Guru”.