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New Biz Books

Want to Learn How To Start A New Business?

We have produced a number of How To ebooks on how to start a new business and have concentrated on the most popular businesses.

Each pack explains how to set up, develop and manage the business and includes lots of tips and information such as:

  • How to start up your new business
  • Setting your prices
  • Day to day management of your business
  • Managing your first contacts with potential customers
  • Finding clients and keeping them happy
  • Billing, accounting and record keeping
  • Putting your business on the internet
  • Designing contracts and other required documents
  • Expanding your business
  • Plus much, much more!!!

Many of the ebooks are in excess of 45 full size pages and some more. All the ebooks packs are very reasonably priced at $9. So why such a great price? Because I recognize that people starting a new business need help and as we provide lots of services for entrepreneurs, we hope that you will value our ebooks so much that you will stay with us and use more of our services. (Now there is an honest statement!)

If you want some more assistance then we can also provide you with an outline Business Plan. As always you will need to add information that is specific to your own business – but out outline plans are 80% there – allowing you to spend your time and energies on the more important aspects. The Business Plan sells for $47.

The businesses we can help you start are:

Party Planning Business

Carpet Cleaning Business
Dating Business

Day Care Business
Resume Writing Business

Temporary Help Business
House Cleaning Business

Newsletter Publishing Business
Courier Business

Party Planning Business:
A recent questionnaire, circulated among hundreds of successful direct sales merchandisers across the country asked this questions: “If you were to start over today, knowing what you know now and could choose the one method of merchandising that would make you really rich in the shortest period of time, which would you select?” Of these questionnaires returned, 94% stated they would go The Party Plan Method. Learn how to set up your own Party Planning Business. $9


Carpet Cleaning Business:
There are two fairly new, and very important conditions existing in the world today that have not only made the carpet cleaning industry a “billion dollar business,” but also practically guarantee your success as an entrepreneur in this field. First, almost all homes and office buildings built since 1960 have wall-to-wall carpeting. Secondly, the replacement costs and the cyclical faltering of the national economy have caused people to want to make what they already own last longer, especially in the case of carpeting, which is a sizeable investment. Start your own Carpet Cleaning Business – we’ll tell you how. $9

Dating Business:
Starting and operating a successful Dating and Escort Service can bring in much money each year for the sharp, aggressive, imaginative business person. The secret to success with a business of this kind is advertising that presents your services with a “show business” flair – while still maintaining good taste. Start you own Dating Business – we’ll tell you how. $9


Day Care Business:
There’s a definite need for day care centers as more and more mothers of pre-school age children are forced to find jobs outside the home. This is due in part to the current economy, and unfortunately, to the high divorce rate, which means mothers who might ordinarily stay at home and care for their own children must seek income to help make ends meet. Start you own Day Care Business – we’ll tell you how. $9

Resume Writing Business:
Here’s a business you can start for virtually nothing and build into a money making enterprise in under a year. Many established resume writing services in the large metropolitan areas are reporting annual incomes of $60,000 or more. Start you own Resume Writing Business – we’ll tell you how. P.S. We know how to do this – we own www.ResumeGuys.com and www.JobSuccess.co.uk $9

Temporary Help Business:
This is a service business with excellent growth potential. There is a nationwide market with a growing demand and a risk factor that’s rated average or less than most new business ideas. Temporary Help Services are well suited to absentee ownership situations; require no experience or technical knowledge on the part of the entrepreneur; and have only minimal equipment needs. Start you own Temporary Help Business – we’ll tell you how. $9

House Cleaning Business:
House and apartment cleaning services are gaining in popularity. These are business services that are growing in demand as a result of more and more people seek to use their leisure time for leisure and this creates the opportunity for you to set up a lucrative business. Start you own House Cleaning Business – we’ll tell you how. $9

Newsletter Publishing Business:
Writing and publishing a successful newsletter is perhaps the most competitive of all the different areas of mail order, internet marketing and direct marketing.

Five years ago, there were 1,500 different newsletters in this country. Today there are well over 10,000, with new ones being started every day. Start you own Newsletter Publishing Business – we’ll tell you how. $9

Courier Business:
In this fast paced world, where it is important to get packages and mail from one place to another quickly and safely, courier services are becoming more important. This is a business that it is quick and easy, not only to set up but also expand. Even in small towns a little ingenuity enables you to establish a profitable business from your home or small office. $9